Wednesday, 4 March 2015

What iOS App Developers Must Consider in Their Marketing Strategy

Developing a great mobile application alone is not enough. You need to make sure that it reaches the targeted audience. Irrespective of the platform, whether it’s a free or paid application, the hard work and the time invested in the iOS application development will be meaningless until an end user experiences it. Today it’s become very important for the application developers and the app publishers to market their app, that is make it visible and popular. It’s also important that the developers should make the experience of the application download easier. Here we look at a few pointers that iOS development services have to adopt if they want to make their application a success.
  • Make use of the social media presence- Social media such as Twitter and Facebook are the business centers where you can buy, sell and promote your applications. iOS application developers should employ social media to promote the application. Following people and liking pages about app development and making connections with like minded people is the first step in the marketing strategy.  
  • Use cross platform to promote the apps- There are many websites that can promote apps. The iOS application developers should promote their apps across their existing user base. An option to login using Twitter/Facebook login id and password is another strategy to market. However, there are many people who shy away from using social media logins. They should have an option of not using their social network.
  • The name of the application and keywords matter- The title of the app matters because it will show up in the URL and search. The application name should contain the keywords that are relevant to the functioning of the mobile apps. If the app is multilingual, it’s wise to localize the keywords related to the target markets. It’s also worth mentioning that if the name of the app starts with letter "A", the Apple App store lists the apps in alphabetical order. This will help the app to be displayed earlier in the listing.
  • Have a revenue model in place- There many iOS application developers who publish their apps either for free or paid in the marketplace. If you want to sell the mobile apps you should price it at a lower rate. Initially, to attract the users, think of adding the words free/cheap to the app title.
  • Prompt users to write reviews- App reviews by the users will go a long way in promoting the business mobile application. Most of the app has a code to display a pop up window that will give the users two options “Rate this app" or "complete this later."
  • Take serious note of the customer feedback- If the iPhone/iPad app has a great rating and wonderful user reviews, the app will be bought by many customers. The business app developer should put in a mechanism to identify the technical problems that the users face while using this apps and also a way to solve the issues. Keep the users happy by keeping in touch with them and also by taking into consideration their opinions and suggestions. Giving an option to contact the business apps development team.
There is a great demand for iOS application development services. Small businesses have included mobile business application in their budget because they have realized that its one of the marketing strategies to capture their market share in this competitive market. 

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