Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Android Application Development: Bonus to Mobile Technologies

With stepping of globe in the new cutting edge of mobile technology, people are getting more occupied in virtual communication. Most of the people prefer to buy, talk, read and connect online either through a web medium or a mobile phone app.

While the world was engaged in developing SmartPhone, Android evolved as an innovative wave in the “Mobile App Development” industry. According to a recent survey, Smartphone driven by the Android operating system achieved a new record of 85% of the worldwide mobile market, especially at the cost of Microsoft Windows, Blackberry and Apple iOS. Recent surveys convey, Android is going to be a great threat to demote opponent’s platform.

In present scenario, Apps for Android are developed each and every day, and this is evolved by tremendous change in modern markets where people are utilizing handheld devices on a frequent basis and making their tablets and phone something much more than simply a communication device. Moreover, use of the Smartphone or tablet for business prospects is on the top priority for people all over the globe. Hence, Android app development is cutting edge sphere of IT that is viewing a lot of growth.

Boom of Mobile App Development to meet business Demands

Mobile marketing is one of the most efficient forms of marketing in today’s era and if your business is not utilizing mobile platform, then you are obviously not a master player in this competitive market. It is well said, mobile apps can enhance your business to a height you never imagined. Here are some key reason business requires mobile app development:
  • Mobile Apps offers On-the-Go Marketing

    Now with the emergence of Mobile Apps users can access your tool anywhere at any moment. Every time when people use the app, they definitely think of your company. This means that, in case they require any service, the probability is high that they will approach you. With the help of these brand tool you are placing your business in people’s pockets.
  • Accelerate your Sales through the Roof
    In the present era, Mobile apps are able to generate a number of leads with its hard work round the clock. Apart from lead generation, apps are playing key role in enhancing branding of your company all over the globe.
Your Business App can be Your Social Platform

People are fascinated about social network, so why not be a part of this fascination? Incorporating social gimmicks, for example, comments, like, in-app messaging and much more into your app, could see your business improve its social standing and your app circulate around the globe.

Today, the mobile industry is booming and to support this emerging boom Android came as a wave to accelerate the functionalities of these apps. If you are in looking for a path that make your business renowned in this competitive edge, then mobile app is the perfect path to go.

So make your business accelerate with booming Android app!!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Tips to Hire a Professional Android Developer

If you want to see your business growing, you need to take help from professionals. Here, you will be provided some tips to hire a professional android developer.

The global mobile market is overflowing with Android based handsets and a lot of individuals are joining the Android community regularly. Attractive and exclusive Android apps are being designed, to derive potential users, clients and other businesses. Hence, this has created endless opportunities for professional Android developers worldwide.

If you are an individual or business, with some exclusive ideas, you need to try and alter them into mesmerizing mobile apps. The easiest way to go through this process is to hire professional Android developers. However, there is a crowd of Android developers available to go with but choosing right one is certainly a difficult task to accomplish. If you are still confused, then go through stated below ideas and tips to hire a professional Android developer.

Expertise Needed

Before making a final decision, you first confirm whether your chosen Android developer has sufficient experience and expertise in this platform. Therefore, you must hire an experienced, skilled and well-educated Android developer to get desired results. In case of hiring a novice, you have to repent on your decision as he is not capable of accomplishing established targets. No doubt, you want to build an exclusive brand as an organization that deals in Android applications. So, hiring a professional Android developer can help you gain a reputation as a successful business with applications that perform great.

Examine Their Credibility

The easiest way to examine the credibility of a professional Android developer is to see if he has had some Android apps published online. It means that you must specifically consider the published apps on Google Play Store. No doubt, it is the best platform where you would like to get published your applications. If your chosen developer has no history of publishing apps on the Play Store, you aren’t supposed to go with such developers. So, while examining the credibility of a professional Android developer, you shouldn’t forget to confirm whether he or she has any apps published on the Play Store.

Do A Little Research

There are endless options available to go with when it comes to choosing a professional Android developer, but hiring right developers are certainly a hard nut to crack. Therefore, it is suggested to do a little research before determining a right Android app developer. With the advent of the internet, finding a right Android app development company is an easy task to accomplish. So, you can also use internet to hire a professional Android developer.

Cost-effective Services

If you are going to hire an Android app developer, you need to first consider your budget. Therefore, it is suggested that you should go with a developer who offers affordable services. Cost effective services can help you save huge amount of money. It is also the best for startups as they don’t have much capital to invest. However, there are lots of apps development companies available that claim to offer affordable services, but when it comes to reality they simply offer lame excuses. Choose a professional Android developer who is capable of working according to your limited budget.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Growing Influence of Android OS over Global Smsrtphone Market

The Android mobile operating system is considered as the best platform for creating various types of apps to make things easier for smartphone users.

According to a recent study, Android OS leads with about 60 percent share of global mobile market. Google’s Android operating system has great influence over the world mobile market. All the giant handset manufacturers are using this platform such as HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, and many others as the list is endless. Moreover, because of adopting the Android platform, Samsung has become the world’s biggest handset manufacturer as well as seller.

The growing popularity, massive adoption rate, and demand of the Android operating system have resulted in a boosted international market for Android app development. Here, we will try to unveil some facts behind the growing influence of Android OS over global mobile market.
  • This platform has the greatest Q1 2014 mobile penetration, with about 642.7 million users throughout the world irrespective of age.
  • Android OS doesn’t dominate world tablet market, but it is assumed that this exclusive platform would trap about 80 percent of handset users and about 70 percent of tablet customers by the end of 2016.
  • However, Apple’s iOS covers about 53 percent of the United States handset market, but despite of this iOS cover only 16 percent share of the world mobile market.
  • As per the latest stats from the global market, Samsung has captured about 23.6 percent of the world, mobile market with around 100 million handsets sold. Moreover, Samsung handset’s covered about 30.8 percent of the mobile market worldwide with approximately 64.7 million handsets sold.
  • In the initial quarter of the year 2014 about 70 percent of smartphones come equipped with Android operating system worldwide especially in terms of mobile operating system.

Successful History of Android Platform

Android OS was first introduced by prominent scientist Andy Rubin ten years ago. Initially the mobile operating system was created for tablet computers and smartphones. Google took over the Android Inc in the year of 2005 and introduced the first version of Android OS in the late 2007.

Moreover, since the mesmerizing launch of its first version, Google’s Android OS gained all its success in late 2008 and it is still rising in the world of the smartphone market. Presently, the Android platform is being used by about 70 percent of handset users globally. Furthermore, Google also introduces Android’s latest version at least once in a year of often twice in a year. Recently, smartphone users have seen the emerging success of Android 4.2.2 KitKat mobile operating system. Let’s have a look at a few more facts about the growing influence of the Android OS.
  • Total Android OS activations have boosted from 100 million to about 400 million smartphones.
  • According to a study, about one million smartphones are activated every day throughout the world.
  • Added to that there have been about 20 billion apps installed throughout Google Play, and presently about 600,000 apps and games are available for Android users.

Needless to say, in the smartphone market, Google started with Android OS from scratch and now it has become world’s most popular mobile operating system. Further, Google keeps introducing and adding useful and innovative features and functionalities with each of the new version of Android release.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Top 5 Features, which insists you to buy: Apple iPhone 6

The Cupertino based American Multinational Corporation, Apple Inc. has launched the 6th generation of their most popular and best-selling iPhone Series. The company has launched two new iPhone variants, naming as Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Both these iPhone variants are a perfect example of innovation in the worldwide smartphone industry.
The Apple iPhone 6 flaunts a 4.7-inch LED-backlit IPS LCD Capacitive Multi-touch screen display, which produces a resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels at a pixel density of 326ppi. Whereas, the iPhone 6 Plus sports a comparatively bigger big 5.5-inch LED-backlit IPS LCD Capacitive Multi-touch screen display, producing 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution at 401 pixels per inch. Both these variants are added with brilliant hardware specifications and features, which makes them a worth buy package deal.

Here, we bring you top 5 features, which will insist you buy, the Apple iPhone 6-

# 1 2nd Generation 64-Bit A8 Processor
Both Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are powered by 2nd Generation 64-Bit A8 Processors, which are capable enough to offer an ultimate performance of the device. These smartphones are powered by 1.4GHz Cyclone ARM v8 based Dual Core Processor. This 2nd Generation A8 Chip is 25% faster and  13% smaller than the A7 Chip, which powered the previous generation iPhones.

# 2 Advanced Camera
The Apple iPhone 6 Series packs an 8 Megapixels, Autofocus rear camera, which features True Tone Flash and 1.5 Micron pixel sensor. The earlier iPhone variants also had an 8 Megapixels rear camera. However, the Apple iPhone 6 Series boast an update rear camera featuring an aperture of f/2.2, 43M Panorama, faster auto-focus and pixel density. For your selfies, the iPhone 6 sport a better Facetime HD  front-facing camera with a new featured called Burst Selfie Mode.

# 3 Ion Strengthened Display
Apple iPhone 6 features a new Ion strengthened display, which promises added security and toughness for both iPhone 6 variants. Generally, high-end Android smartphones feature Corning Gorilla Glass protection. And the all new iPhone 6 features this latest, yet mysterious technology. Currently, Apple has not shared a single word about the Ion Strengthened display technology.

# 4 Stronger Battery
Apple iPhone users always complained about poor battery back-up on their devices. For which, Apple has worked upon and has added stronger batteries on the Apple iPhone 6 Series. Apple claims 24 hours of 3G talk time on iPhone 6 Plus and 14 hours of the same on iPhone 6. Whereas, the standby time is also claimed to have increased, as compared to previous iPhones.

# 5 M8 – Motion co-processor health chip
The Apple iPhone 6 Series features an updated M8 health chip, which is capable to count the total number of steps you climb. It can also measure the elevation and relative distance covered. It seems that Apple has learned from Samsung Galaxy S5, for which, it has added various health and fitness features on the Apple iPhone 6.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

iPhone 6: Hold your heart beats for the new launch of Apple

The time has come to start count down for the launch of iPhone 6. Apple always strikes the market with its explosive launch. Apple is set to unleash the iPhone 6 tomorrow, a biggest device release event in this year. Fans are holding their heart beats and started camping outside the tech giant’s leader store in the hope to be the first one to claim the cutting edge smartphone.

Which features of iPhone 6 is making it more competitive.....

      Larger Screen
With larger screens, iPhone 6 is going to get a great charm from its fans as they were in search for the same from long time.

      Better battery life

Better battery life with power efficient processor will definitely attract the Apple users to go with this new iPhone 6.

      iOS 8
With the introduction iOS 8, there will be the biggest shift in the OS design as it will well support larger screen. This will be a great revolution in the Apple history.

        One of biggest attraction is predicted to be an integrated barometer after 9 to Mac 5 discovered reference to it several lines of iOS 8 code which is gonna be a great challenge for the competitors.

   Wide display and Form factor
   This will really complete the feature of the iPhone as the iPhone users were always expecting a wide display. It will make the user feel comfortable while using the keyboard.

Is iPhone 6 really going to be new revolution? The answer will be revealed tomorrow!!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Countdown begins for iPhone 6

Undoubtedly on Tuesday apple is going to reward app developers as widely expected, they announced the iPhone 6 release. An addition feature for the availability of iOS 8 is going to flood smartphones users and with a new OS.
The benefit of recent builds Xcode allows developers to test applications at any screen resolution. Since, Apple has not given any details on the advance screen resolutions of iPhone 6, but they are certifying developers to be focused on building applications which would work on different variety of screen sizes.
For a new experience of latest launch OS users must look at iOS 8.
No matter what would be the screen size coz the new hardware should not be as complicated as to adapt code if code is being written with Apple’s GUI libraries.

How Android Apps are making the world go crazy

Get here information about why people are crazy about Android apps. What makes Android Apps, so popular among smartphone user community.
Android apps are considered as the most essential part of contemporary lifestyle. With the advent of different types of Android apps, it is quite easy to make things easier, faster and more comfortable than ever. It is also considered as the best platform for the app developers. Developers all over the world are trying to create distinct applications for the Android platform. Contemporary individuals are crazy about Android apps. So, let’s unveil the some significant reasons that make Android apps so popular. 

Make Smartphone Really Smart

The global mobile handset market is being overtaken by the Smartphones. Mobile phone users, throughout the world, are switching from basic phones to Smartphones. Further, Android based phones are considered as the best option when it comes choosing a smartphone. In concise, several mesmerizing Android apps make a smartphone a really smart device.

We All Love Apps 

Without any doubt, various mobile applications have made our lives easier than ever before. There are different types of mobile apps available in the global market to choose from such as health apps, business apps and simple gaming apps. For creating any type of mobile application, mobile app developers prefer to go with the Android platform. Having used different types of Android apps, now, it is almost impossible for contemporary people to even imagine a life without it.

Easy to Use & Install

The best part of Android application is that they can be easily managed and used. Unlike all other ordinary mobile apps, Android apps are considered as the most user-friendly. They are designed in such a way that installing and using them becomes a child’s play. Moreover, most of the mobile app developers love to design various useful mobile software using the Android platform. In short, it can be concluded that easy to access and use makes this platform more popular than others.

First Choice of Handset Manufacturers

It is a known fact that most of the handset manufacturers love using the Android platform. This is the main reason behind the growing popularity of Android apps. Being the first choice of all top handset manufacturers, Android platform simply attracts the world of mobile app developers towards it. Hence, we have a plethora of Android apps to make our lives even more comfortable. Despite of some tough competitors like iPhone, Blackberry, Android platform is still the first choice of handset manufacturers. Therefore, availing benefits of a massive assortment of Android based handsets, every mobile application developer tries to create applications for the Android platform.

Android Games

Last but not the least, there is an incredible craze about Android based games. Everyone from a child to an older one loves playing Android games. Mobile game developers also find it easy to design distinct games for the Android platform. Therefore, when it comes to the growing popularity of Android apps, we aren’t supposed to ignore the importance of Android game's popularity throughout the world. Some people may argue that there are other types of apps available that can perform better than Android apps, but all of them aren’t supposed to compete with the popularity of Android apps.