Tuesday, 9 September 2014

iPhone 6: Hold your heart beats for the new launch of Apple

The time has come to start count down for the launch of iPhone 6. Apple always strikes the market with its explosive launch. Apple is set to unleash the iPhone 6 tomorrow, a biggest device release event in this year. Fans are holding their heart beats and started camping outside the tech giant’s leader store in the hope to be the first one to claim the cutting edge smartphone.

Which features of iPhone 6 is making it more competitive.....

      Larger Screen
With larger screens, iPhone 6 is going to get a great charm from its fans as they were in search for the same from long time.

      Better battery life

Better battery life with power efficient processor will definitely attract the Apple users to go with this new iPhone 6.

      iOS 8
With the introduction iOS 8, there will be the biggest shift in the OS design as it will well support larger screen. This will be a great revolution in the Apple history.

        One of biggest attraction is predicted to be an integrated barometer after 9 to Mac 5 discovered reference to it several lines of iOS 8 code which is gonna be a great challenge for the competitors.

   Wide display and Form factor
   This will really complete the feature of the iPhone as the iPhone users were always expecting a wide display. It will make the user feel comfortable while using the keyboard.

Is iPhone 6 really going to be new revolution? The answer will be revealed tomorrow!!

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