Wednesday, 12 November 2014

7 Questions to Ask When Hiring an iphone App Development Company

In the current era of competition, your business company can’t really afford its absence in the mobile application industry. With a dedicated mobile application, your business enterprise can pitch the golden opportunity of generating improved and increased revenues.
In the United States, Apple iPhone and iPads are a perfect example of hot selling cakes. People of all ages, belonging to diverse fields or sectors are big fans of Apple devices in the US. The Apple devices are highly popular and in-demand in the different corners of the continent. If your business company offers its services/products in the US market, you must go for iPhone Application Development Services in US.

A dedicated mobile application will not only help you in connecting with new customers, but will also help in maintaining healthy customer relationships. All these would together help your business company generate huge profits. An iPhone application will allow customers to buy your products, get new services, view/submit reviews, receive new offers or discount deals, get customer support and do lot more in few simple clicks.

It must be noted that you must hire professional iPhone Application Developers for getting your business application developed. Here, we bring you 7 questions; you need to ask when hiring an iPhone App Development Company.

Q.1 - Where I can see your previously developed mobile application?
A professional mobile application development company would be eager to show you the complete list of applications, which it has developed or worked upon till date. They will be providing you the links, which will take you the App Stores, where their previously developed apps are available for download. If they don’t provide you one, ask for it or look for another company.

Q.2 - Who are your existing or previous clients?
You can ask for the list of existing or previous clients, who have taken their development services. They can also provide you a reference list to verify the claims made by the development company. This gives you an opportunity to cross check the reputation and work history of the development firm.

Q.3 – What are your App development charges and the payment terms?
Ask them about the complete app development fees, including taxes or any charges to occur during the development stages. Also know about the payment terms and process, which must also be mentioned in the written agreement.

Q.4 – Which development tools are in use at your working base?
Know about the development tools or platform, which the company’s in-house developers use for developing the mobile application. Choose only that company, which uses the latest development technologies. Organize an in-depth research on the internet to know more about latest mobile application development technologies.

Q.5 – What different you can offer?
Before finalizing a company for the development project, ask them about their unique approach or strategies, which makes them stand different from their competitors.

Q.6 – Who will look after testing & upgrades?
Nowadays, mobile application development companies also look after the testing process of mobile apps, post their development. They are also responsible for rolling out app upgrades at regular intervals, which fixes bugs and issues.

Q.7 – What kind of support you will provide us?
Know whether the company will provide complete support and assistance or not, once the application is developed and delivered. Some mobile application development agencies also help their clients in releasing and marketing the mobile app. Choose the one, which helps you with the same.

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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Mobile Application Solutions – Getting the Business Advantage

The worldwide smartphone industry has marked a major growth in the last couple of few years. With the introduction of various new innovative mobile technologies, smartphones and tablets have earned a special position in a common man’s daily life. Mobile Application Solutions have played a major contribution in expanding the smartphone’s reach amongst people around the globe. Going to the next level, business enterprises and organizations now take mobile application solutions as a major tool for simplifying their business processes and expanding their growth.
It has been found that people have rapidly changed the way of accessing information about products or services. They now prefer accessing information over mobile devices, rather than a PC. Following which, almost every business organization is now targeting the smartphone users with their dedicated mobile application solutions.

Mobile Application Solutions - Deployment Options

If you are planning to add a mobile app solution for your business needs, you can choose between two deployment models.
·         Get a mobile app developed
·         Use a Mobile App as a Service (MAaaS) solution

Business Mobile Application

Developing & maintaining a mobile application is not an easy task to do. However, it is considered far better than MAaaS Solutions. It requires expert knowledge of app development tools for building an efficient mobile app. Hence, you should hire a mobile application development company for acquiring their innovative mobile app development services.
Any professional app development agency holds expertise, knowledge and wide experience of developing advanced mobile apps for different mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. However, you should be very careful while selecting one for the app development project.

Software as a Service

Mobile Apps as a Service (MAaaS) is a good option for small and medium scale business enterprises, who want to leverage mobile app solutions at lower costs. However, it has various limitations as well. MAaaS solutions feature long lists of functionalities, including-
·         Sales
·         Marketing
·         Public Relations
·         Customer Service or Support

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Why Business can't Ignore Android Now

Android --- A Preferred Platform for Business

Just as businesses cannot afford to ignore customer services, in the same way, today, Android has occupied a similar position for reaching out directly to your clients. Android smart phones are more in use now than laptops and desktops. This is due to their rich and diverse functionality, including entertainment, customer care on-the-go, and real-time business analytics and gaming applications. Your products and services are just a click away and the customer has access to regular web services.

How Does the Android Help your Business?

Business enterprises can use the tablet or smart phone for sending and receiving e-mails, searching the web, providing Geo-location, sharing images, videos and audios. Applications can be developed to cater to internal and external operations of any enterprise. It has, in fact, taken over the whole of the market share. It enables a wider and global reach for business organizations and so it is not surprising that businesses are considering Android app development as a fundamental fraction of its IT strategy. And .... Android has many more users!

The Rule of Android Pocket PC

The free OS, monetization with advertisements, easy navigation, social functionality as value proposition to users, improved access, efficiency, generation of business insights, advertising opportunity through gaming applications and pushing of sales has made Android the largest platform which cannot be ignored.

Millions of applications are downloaded from the Play store and so every business enterprise requires an innovative Android application for their clients, partners or even workforce. Business organizations are hiring an Android application development company and an Android game development company with experienced Android Developers for designing, developing, testing and deployment of Android apps.

From Android utility applications such as Android Media APIs, Android Security Architecture, Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Location-based Service APIs, Wi-Fi APIs, OpenGL and 3D graphics to any other technology needed for building innovative Android apps and the UX, Android application development companies enable in developing superior quality Android applications for mobile and tablets.

                               Android Games and Apps Aid in Business Success


The App Economy and Mobile Handset are in!

Be it a Fortune 500 global company or just an innovative start up business enterprise, they are all aware of the power of usable Android apps and Android games for reaching out to their customer base. Android applications may range from educational apps, Book apps, E-commerce and Shopping apps, Music apps, Multimedia apps, Fitness and Lifestyle apps, Retail and Fashion apps or even Travel apps --- there are so many scalable and native apps that enable businesses to connect with customers.

No business can afford to ignore the Android applications which are designed and optimized as per specific business requirements. They aid in enhancing productivity of the employees, aggregate content and stream it to your customers (multimedia based app) or just interact with customers in your store, these solutions are meant to bestow to your customers a cutting edge experience.

However, before drawing on the benefits of Android app for your business, analyze your business objectives and then conceptualize the mobile app for your business. Either develop and deploy mobile app on the app store as Enterprise application or as a downloadable app according to your business needs. But If you are hand in hand with the Android, be ready for stupendous business success --- for sure!

Monday, 3 November 2014

iOS 8.0.2 --- 'One More Thing'!

iOS 8.0.2 is all about undoing mistakes and fixing issues that erupted with the release of iOS 8.0.1. The iOS 8.0.1 had an adverse effect on cellular network connectivity and Touch ID on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
The advent of iOS 8.0.2 fixes a bug such that HeathKit apps will be available once again on the App Store. You can access photos from the Photo Library and yes, upload photos and videos from Safari easily. iOS 8.0.2 also fixes the issue of unexpected cellular data usage while receiving SMS/MMS messages.

Some More Innovative Features of iOS 8.0.2
  • Messages improvements. You can send your voice, video, photo with just a swipe/tap.
  • Photos improvements such as adjustment of light and color with just a swipe or lightening/darkening a photo prior to capture along with camera improvements. Also easy sharing of family photos and calendar.
  • Using smart suggestions or searching by date, location or album.
  • Time-lapse mode.
  • QuickType Keyboard.
  • Storage of all documents on the cloud and accessing them from your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac or PC.
  • New Health app and ability for sharing health data for managing health and fitness in a better way.
  • AirDrop compatibility with OS X Yosemite.
  • Spotlight improvements like support for local languages in UK, Canada, Japan, US, France etc.
  • Mail improvements with intelligent suggestions for calendar events and Contacts.
  • Siri Improvements and voice recognition.

Knowing Better About Some New Features
  1. iCloud Drive: It is the file hosting service of Apple for devices which are running iOS 8 or OS X Yosemite. Such a feature aids users in saving photos, documents, music, videos and apps etc.
  2. HealthKit: It allows developers to develop software which integrates with the new Health application. Users can track steps, oxygen, health related data or enter medical history.
  3. Spotlight: In iOS 8 this feature finds integration with myriad web devices for users so that they are able to search Wikipedia and Google etc.
  4. Siri: Well, with Siri you can exclaim, ''What's playing?'' You get more accuracy now with support for as many as 22 languages!
  5. QuickType: A new typing feature or the ability for installation of third-party keyboards was a plus factor among many more.

Triumph Over Initial Tragedy

iOS came as the eighth major release of iOS mobile operating system --- a successor to iOS 7. The announcement for its release was made in the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on 14th June, 2014. A couple of months later, on 17th September, 2014, iOS 8.0.1 was released amidst great enthusiasm among the faithful. This release had major new features and user interface, transparency and other effects and enhancements over iOS 7, though the design was the same.

The initial good news was that around 4 million iPhones were actually pre-ordered and not less than 10 million even sold out in the very first weekend! However, iOS 8.0.1 --- an iOS update made phones unusable. Hackers gained access to iCloud accounts of celebrities and it was alleged that this was possible because Apple had not secured passwords which were easily guessed by hackers.

After a bout of Microwave charging hoax that wrongly advertised that iPhone could be recharged by being heated in a microwave oven or jailbreaking that allowed access to command line of the OS and removed limitations installed by Apple, a few complaints about issues concerning WiFi, Camera Roll, iMessage or random freezing, iOS 8.0.2 is here to undo damage done and woo the much faithful clients to its fold back and forever!