Thursday, 28 August 2014

Suitable Cross-Platform Mobile App for Your Business

Have you decided to develop a cross platform mobile application? If yes, you may have faced many difficulties in finding out the best suited cross platforms for your mobile apps. Smart phones offer varieties of features such as GPS, Maps, and Audio and Video services. However the OS versions and the market demand is rapidly building in today’s world. A Cross-Platform mobile app development company aims at providing a profitable and successful designing and development of cross platform mobile applications.

Let us look into some of the vital information that is a must know for whoever is building the cross platform mobile app.

Strategies for a Perfect Infrastructure 
The major approaches for a cross platform mobile app in terms of infrastructure deals with the following approaches. 

  • Look and Feel 
  • Application Speed 
  • Device Specific Features 
  • Platforms Supported 

This forms the major road map for any app that deals with cross platform. 
Now, you have got the flow of the mobile app platform let’s look deeper into the cross platform framework.

Choose the Best Cross Platform Framework
When it comes to cross platform, there are many companies offering this service, but only a few are worthy. However, it is a tricky way to find out the best and suitable platform for your need. 

  • Phone Gap This is an HTML5 platform that facilitates you to have command on the web technology. You can allow applications for any types such as Symbian, iPhone and iPad. One of the major advantages in this platform is the use of CSS3, where you can develop apps on multiple platforms. The Apache Software Foundation is where it is licensed and hence you can find a very good documentation guide. 
  • Sencha Touch This is otherwise popularly known as “touch” is most wanted among the mobile app developers. It strongly follows the concept of Object Oriented Structure that becomes the most familiar language among the developers. It has about 50 widgets that vary from container, Lists, Charts and Forms. A set of extensions is also available on this platform. It helps in reducing the cost of development. 
  • Appcelerator Titanium It makes use of the famous scripting languages like JavaScript and PHP. It has various features that are unique to the cross platform and gives high performance and robustness. Though titanium is less open compared to others due to its restricted ecosystem like IOS and android, it is the most reliable among the mobile app developers and designers. It has cloud services for the application and Titanium SDK for mobile apps. 

The Final Touch 
Though there are several platforms that meet the requirements of cross platform development, you have to build one in such a way that it is same everywhere in terms of look and feel. Cross platform SDKs often serve better than the native SDK. Since it has more powerful features, the demand for this is ultimately more. However, it is up to the designers to choose wisely and enjoy the best out of it.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Vital Tips for Android Application Development

Choosing a suitable Android Application development company is tricky. You need to consider several factors in ensuring the service can deliver an App compatible with Android standards. You have to verify the developer service keeps track of the essential aspects of setting up a splendid Android App. Look up the following tips on Android Application development to interpret the factors you need to consider in choosing a suitable service.

                                     Android Application Development 

  • The company keeps the coding neat: Just like any other coding protocol, App development needs to focus greatly on keeping the code sheet neat and avoid allocating memory to unnecessary objects. Precisely, precision is a vital aspect of choosing a suitable service to continue with developing your App.

    Even if the developer sets up temporary objects with a periodic garbage collection system, the App still creates user ‘hiccups’, as Android likes to call it. Find a suitable development service with years of experience in Android. The developers need to set up an Application that does not carry the limitations of a frustrating user experience.
  • Apps with responsive user experience elements: Although you are not designing a mobile website, yet you need to be making sure that the App developers incorporate responsive design elements. The basic idea is to deliver an optimized user experience that is unique from any other protocol in the niche. Check whether the Android Application development company New York guarantees sufficient research prior to setting up your App.

    The developers need to go through competing Apps to garner ideas on how your product should be (and how it should not be). The App should be interesting, quirky, and capable of delivering an experience the user does not get anywhere else.
  •  Designing an interesting icon: This is perhaps the most important aspect of an App development. The primary impression always stems directly from the design of the Application icon. Android has a reputation of being more vibrant than keeping up with cold professionalism. The user-experience focus must show up in the tiny icon effectively. The user should feel an immediate interest in trying out the Application based on the first impression. Check out the portfolio of the Android Application development service. Find if they ensure sufficient attention to the aforesaid aspect.
  • Setting a good price on the App: The Application should have a reasonable price for downloading according to standards set by the Android community. If you set the cost a little higher than the usual charges, make sure the App also has the extra gusto to fit the digital Appetite of an evolved Android user. Do sufficient research in your niche to adjust the right value of the Application.

The same logics Apply whether you are designing an Android business Application or a game App. Essentially, clients need to be clear on a great idea that is all set to attract niche users. However, you need professional consultation for the purpose. Talk with the developers in clarifying all doubts before you assign the service.    

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Know why Apple iPhone 6 Will Keep Apple on Top

The American multinational smartphone manufacturers, Apple is all set to launch their latest flagship Apple iPhone 6, on 9th of September 2014. As per the current reports, it is speculated that Apple may introduce two variants of iPhone 6, sporting 4.7 and 5.5 inches of large displays. Both of them would also be powered by new super fast A8 processors.

It is well known that the South Korean manufacturers, Samsung is the number one smartphone brand in the worldwide smartphone market. Samsung, with its Galaxy Series offers a tough rivalry to the Apple iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy Series consists of various high-end phablets, which sports big displays. While the latest available Apple iPhone 5S sports a 4-inch display only, which made it weaker while comparing with Samsung Galaxy phablets.

Now, Apple iPhone 6 with a large 4.7 and 5.5 inch touch screen display will keep Apple on the top. The main reasons, why Apple iPhone 6 can contribute to this area are-

·         Large 4.7 and 5.5 inch Touch Screen Display
·         Apple A8 Processor Chipsets
·         iOS 8 (operating system)
·         A Better Camera
·         Slimmer & Lighter
·         Fingerprint Sensor

The Apple iPhone 6 is the most awaited smartphones of the year 2014. It is expected that this latest flagship device with innovative A8 Chipset Processor and latest iOS 8 operating system would turn things in favor of Apple.
Are you planning to buy an Apple iPhone 6 for yourself? Keep visiting this page for more updates.

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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Top 5 Tips to Protect Your iPhone from Hacking

When it comes to innovation in smartphones, the first word which strikes our mind is “Apple”. It is well known that Apple iPhone is one of the most secured and advanced smartphone launches till date. The iPhone series have earned huge popularity and success, all around the globe. The Apple iPhone is the most desired smartphone amongst people of all ages, including a CEO of a leading business enterprise and a college going student.

Your Apple iPhone is your best friend on the go. It makes you connect with your family & friends, allow you to access the internet, make calls, texts, capture moments and also store your personal and confidential data. The iOS platform features various advanced 
security features, which are not easily breached 
in comparison to other platforms. 

It becomes your responsibility to protect your crucial and important data against all the potential threats and attacks. The Apple developers have added various security features on your Apple iPhone, which could help you for the same.

However, if you are unaware of them, here we bring top 5 tips to protect your iPhone from hackers-

1: Don’t Jailbreak Your iPhone
It is advisable not to jailbreak your Apple iPhone, as it would disable various security features and all your crucial data would be exposed to threats. The jailbreak process will allow you to install third party apps, but it is really not safe. All your confidential data would be open to exploitation and it would be vulnerable to hackers.

2: Set a Pass-code lock
You must set a passcode, which would be needed to enter every time for accessing the device. It is often referred as the first line of defence on smartphones. Enabling this feature would be helpful to protect your data from hackers, who may be sitting next to you. One can also use this feature with Auto-Lock mode, which locks your iPhone after a specified time interval. And would require the unique passcode to unlock the device.

3: Enable Find My iPhone App
This is one of the best security features added to the Apple iPhone. You must enable the “Find My iPhone” App, which would allow you to lock or locate your Apple iPhone, if lost. The user can do the same from any web browser using your Apple ID.  The user can also enable the “Lost Mode”, which would display a customized message on your iPhone, which would inform its founder to contact you for a specific number for returning the iPhone.

4: Use Safari Browser
It is advisable to always use Apple’s Safari browser for surfing and downloading any type of content on your Apple iPhone. This browser features various security tools and features, which would protect your iPhone against malware on any other potential threat.

5: Use DATA WIPE Command
In case, you are not able to find your Apple iPhone through any means, it is advisable to send DATA WIPE command to your iPhone. This command will erase all your iPhone’s contents and no one would be able to access any type of data on your iPhone. You must make sure that you have enabled this feature through the “Find My iPhone” App, before your iPhone gets lost or stolen.

These were the top 5 tips, which could save your iPhone’s data from being hacked.

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