Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Top 5 Tips to Protect Your iPhone from Hacking

When it comes to innovation in smartphones, the first word which strikes our mind is “Apple”. It is well known that Apple iPhone is one of the most secured and advanced smartphone launches till date. The iPhone series have earned huge popularity and success, all around the globe. The Apple iPhone is the most desired smartphone amongst people of all ages, including a CEO of a leading business enterprise and a college going student.

Your Apple iPhone is your best friend on the go. It makes you connect with your family & friends, allow you to access the internet, make calls, texts, capture moments and also store your personal and confidential data. The iOS platform features various advanced 
security features, which are not easily breached 
in comparison to other platforms. 

It becomes your responsibility to protect your crucial and important data against all the potential threats and attacks. The Apple developers have added various security features on your Apple iPhone, which could help you for the same.

However, if you are unaware of them, here we bring top 5 tips to protect your iPhone from hackers-

1: Don’t Jailbreak Your iPhone
It is advisable not to jailbreak your Apple iPhone, as it would disable various security features and all your crucial data would be exposed to threats. The jailbreak process will allow you to install third party apps, but it is really not safe. All your confidential data would be open to exploitation and it would be vulnerable to hackers.

2: Set a Pass-code lock
You must set a passcode, which would be needed to enter every time for accessing the device. It is often referred as the first line of defence on smartphones. Enabling this feature would be helpful to protect your data from hackers, who may be sitting next to you. One can also use this feature with Auto-Lock mode, which locks your iPhone after a specified time interval. And would require the unique passcode to unlock the device.

3: Enable Find My iPhone App
This is one of the best security features added to the Apple iPhone. You must enable the “Find My iPhone” App, which would allow you to lock or locate your Apple iPhone, if lost. The user can do the same from any web browser using your Apple ID.  The user can also enable the “Lost Mode”, which would display a customized message on your iPhone, which would inform its founder to contact you for a specific number for returning the iPhone.

4: Use Safari Browser
It is advisable to always use Apple’s Safari browser for surfing and downloading any type of content on your Apple iPhone. This browser features various security tools and features, which would protect your iPhone against malware on any other potential threat.

5: Use DATA WIPE Command
In case, you are not able to find your Apple iPhone through any means, it is advisable to send DATA WIPE command to your iPhone. This command will erase all your iPhone’s contents and no one would be able to access any type of data on your iPhone. You must make sure that you have enabled this feature through the “Find My iPhone” App, before your iPhone gets lost or stolen.

These were the top 5 tips, which could save your iPhone’s data from being hacked.

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