Thursday, 4 December 2014

‘Wellbeing & Fitness Apps’ – The Market Trends

Cell phones and Tablet PCs have picked up a critical spot in our ordinary life. One can't envision a day without a cell phone or tablet around. These devices have gotten to be very well known and sought amongst individuals of all ages around the planet. Overall, this has been possible because of the advanced gimmicks, tremendous capacities and splendid applications on these gadgets.
A few reports guarantee that cell phones and tablets are a major source of unfriendly impacts on one's wellbeing. One the other hand, individuals are currently using these devices to stay fit and sound. The business sector of 'Well-being & Fitness Apps' has developed a considerable growth in the most recent 5 years.
As per an overview report distributed a few months, the normal day by day utilization of well-being and wellness applications grew by 62% in the timeline of December 2013 to June 2014. Where, the general application used grew by 33%. The same report additionally contained the gender dispersion detail, which guaranteed that the well-being and fitness apps are for the mostly utilized by female cell phone/tablet owners. Out of all users, 62% were females and rest utilization was by men.
These figures uncover that there has been a real development in the aggregate number of cell phone/tablet users, who access well-being and wellness applications on their gadgets. Individuals utilize such applications to track their running, check steps, screen heart rate, learn new exercises and activities and know about diseases, their prevention and cures.
With time and changing trends, the smartphone application industry would doubtlessly touch new heights and generate huge profits. The increasing demand of new and brilliant 'well-being and wellness apps' would likewise spring up, bringing new open doors for mobile application development companies.

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