Thursday, 28 August 2014

Suitable Cross-Platform Mobile App for Your Business

Have you decided to develop a cross platform mobile application? If yes, you may have faced many difficulties in finding out the best suited cross platforms for your mobile apps. Smart phones offer varieties of features such as GPS, Maps, and Audio and Video services. However the OS versions and the market demand is rapidly building in today’s world. A Cross-Platform mobile app development company aims at providing a profitable and successful designing and development of cross platform mobile applications.

Let us look into some of the vital information that is a must know for whoever is building the cross platform mobile app.

Strategies for a Perfect Infrastructure 
The major approaches for a cross platform mobile app in terms of infrastructure deals with the following approaches. 

  • Look and Feel 
  • Application Speed 
  • Device Specific Features 
  • Platforms Supported 

This forms the major road map for any app that deals with cross platform. 
Now, you have got the flow of the mobile app platform let’s look deeper into the cross platform framework.

Choose the Best Cross Platform Framework
When it comes to cross platform, there are many companies offering this service, but only a few are worthy. However, it is a tricky way to find out the best and suitable platform for your need. 

  • Phone Gap This is an HTML5 platform that facilitates you to have command on the web technology. You can allow applications for any types such as Symbian, iPhone and iPad. One of the major advantages in this platform is the use of CSS3, where you can develop apps on multiple platforms. The Apache Software Foundation is where it is licensed and hence you can find a very good documentation guide. 
  • Sencha Touch This is otherwise popularly known as “touch” is most wanted among the mobile app developers. It strongly follows the concept of Object Oriented Structure that becomes the most familiar language among the developers. It has about 50 widgets that vary from container, Lists, Charts and Forms. A set of extensions is also available on this platform. It helps in reducing the cost of development. 
  • Appcelerator Titanium It makes use of the famous scripting languages like JavaScript and PHP. It has various features that are unique to the cross platform and gives high performance and robustness. Though titanium is less open compared to others due to its restricted ecosystem like IOS and android, it is the most reliable among the mobile app developers and designers. It has cloud services for the application and Titanium SDK for mobile apps. 

The Final Touch 
Though there are several platforms that meet the requirements of cross platform development, you have to build one in such a way that it is same everywhere in terms of look and feel. Cross platform SDKs often serve better than the native SDK. Since it has more powerful features, the demand for this is ultimately more. However, it is up to the designers to choose wisely and enjoy the best out of it.

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