Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Growing Influence of Android OS over Global Smsrtphone Market

The Android mobile operating system is considered as the best platform for creating various types of apps to make things easier for smartphone users.

According to a recent study, Android OS leads with about 60 percent share of global mobile market. Google’s Android operating system has great influence over the world mobile market. All the giant handset manufacturers are using this platform such as HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, and many others as the list is endless. Moreover, because of adopting the Android platform, Samsung has become the world’s biggest handset manufacturer as well as seller.

The growing popularity, massive adoption rate, and demand of the Android operating system have resulted in a boosted international market for Android app development. Here, we will try to unveil some facts behind the growing influence of Android OS over global mobile market.
  • This platform has the greatest Q1 2014 mobile penetration, with about 642.7 million users throughout the world irrespective of age.
  • Android OS doesn’t dominate world tablet market, but it is assumed that this exclusive platform would trap about 80 percent of handset users and about 70 percent of tablet customers by the end of 2016.
  • However, Apple’s iOS covers about 53 percent of the United States handset market, but despite of this iOS cover only 16 percent share of the world mobile market.
  • As per the latest stats from the global market, Samsung has captured about 23.6 percent of the world, mobile market with around 100 million handsets sold. Moreover, Samsung handset’s covered about 30.8 percent of the mobile market worldwide with approximately 64.7 million handsets sold.
  • In the initial quarter of the year 2014 about 70 percent of smartphones come equipped with Android operating system worldwide especially in terms of mobile operating system.

Successful History of Android Platform

Android OS was first introduced by prominent scientist Andy Rubin ten years ago. Initially the mobile operating system was created for tablet computers and smartphones. Google took over the Android Inc in the year of 2005 and introduced the first version of Android OS in the late 2007.

Moreover, since the mesmerizing launch of its first version, Google’s Android OS gained all its success in late 2008 and it is still rising in the world of the smartphone market. Presently, the Android platform is being used by about 70 percent of handset users globally. Furthermore, Google also introduces Android’s latest version at least once in a year of often twice in a year. Recently, smartphone users have seen the emerging success of Android 4.2.2 KitKat mobile operating system. Let’s have a look at a few more facts about the growing influence of the Android OS.
  • Total Android OS activations have boosted from 100 million to about 400 million smartphones.
  • According to a study, about one million smartphones are activated every day throughout the world.
  • Added to that there have been about 20 billion apps installed throughout Google Play, and presently about 600,000 apps and games are available for Android users.

Needless to say, in the smartphone market, Google started with Android OS from scratch and now it has become world’s most popular mobile operating system. Further, Google keeps introducing and adding useful and innovative features and functionalities with each of the new version of Android release.

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