Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Best 14 Creative Ways to Celebrate This Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day is approaching near and for that, every love birds are planning something new with creative ways for celebrating the day of love and emotions. For this special day everyone wants to impress their love with something special. And hence, they would be also ready to spend much for making this day memorable for the whole year.

Here, we bring the best 14 creative ways of celebrating Valentine's Day.

Propose Online: Choose a social media platform like Facebook or Twitter to propose or declare your love. If your love is always active on Twitter, propose her/him in a tweet and encourage others to re-tweet it.

Bake A Cake: Bake a cake for your love, this Valentine’s Day. Decorate it with heart shaped chocolates to make it attractive. Your valentine would love to eat the cake, baked by you.

Mobile Apps: Nowadays, there are various mobile applications which would help you to declare your love in a special way. The communication mobile apps like WhatsApp and Skype would help you to stay connected with your valentine, even if you both reside in different locations.

Start Early: Surprise your valentine by baking heart-shaped pancakes or toasts for the breakfast. Add strawberries for making your surprise sweeter.

Wine Under Stars: Buy your valentine’s favorite wine for the day. A toast of wine under the shining stars would be a memorable romantic moment. If it's too cold outside, prepare the same plan indoors with dim and cool lights.

Digital Memory Book: Collect your valentine’s photos from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other places. Once collected, make a digital memory book by adding a few lines about your valentine to make him/her feel special. Add a romantic tune in the background.

Romantic Picnic: Plan a romantic picnic with your valentine to a nearby beach or scenic place. Spend some memorable moments with your valentine, which would be remembered for the whole year.

Valentine’s Notes: Buy note paper and draw or cut out hearts on them. Write quotes or words, which describe your love for your valentine.

Time Travel: Surprise your valentine by sending him/her flowers on 13th Feb. S/he would be the only person receiving flowers at the office that day.
Time Travel – Part II: Send him/her flowers and cakes on 15th Feb, when you will get flowers, gifts and cakes at discounted rates. Your valentine will surely love this surprise.

Chocolate Love: Who on earth doesn't love chocolates? Buy heart-shaped chocolates for your valentine to impress him/her.

Love Flowers: Red flowers are the symbol of love. Buy a bouquet of red roses for your valentine.

Treasure Hunt: Hide a series of gifts and love notes for your valentine. Do add a clue in each of them, which would help in finding the next one. Your valentine will surely love this treasure hunt.

Let the world know: Express your love in such a way that even the world sees your emotions for your valentine. Prepare a Valentine’s Day card or poster and place it outside your gate to let the world see.

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