Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Mobile Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

With the proliferation of mobile apps globally, different industries are demanding and expecting industry specific mobile apps. We look at how mobile solutions benefit the manufacturing industry.
  • Superior collaboration functionality
In the manufacturing industry process management and quality control are vital because of which instant and reliable communication is essential. Mobile solutions empower production line workers, supervisors, delivery staff and management to work together more productively to ensure that tasks are assigned and delivered within deadlines and on budget. Mobile solutions help to manage assets and inventory, giving greater control over the operational expenses.
  • Improved ROI
Right from sourcing to production, distribution to customer service, mobile solutions help manufacturing companies to enhance the efficiency, responsiveness, and profitability of their operations. By harnessing mobile technology, even the most efficient of firms can gain additional ROI.
  • Replace paper systems with paperless systems
Manufacturing companies leveraging mobile solutions gain 24x7 visibility of goods movement, availability, and demand via real-time information flow, empowering them to optimize their processes. Mobile solutions help streamline both the scheduling and delivery processes. Via pre-built delivery schedules with real-time updates to back office systems, there exists paperless delivery tracking and billing to save time resources and enhance accuracy.
  • Help comply with existing government regulations
In the warehouse there is constant movement of materials. Mobile solutions eliminate manual processes and offers real time visibility in order to better manage inventory. The solutions allow for real time monitoring of parts and ingredients through the entire manufacturing process. Manufacturers can effectively comply with government regulations at minimum cost.
  • Superior customer satisfaction
Mobile solutions help boost asset utilization, extend asset lifecycle and decrease capital requirements. RFID helps track and maintain the various assets of a manufacturing plant. The solutions make sure the customers get the correct product, manufactured the right way consistently which improves customer satisfaction leading to customer retention.
  • Mobile shop floor automation
Mobile solutions help automate various manufacturing processes, dispatch real time alerts, team notifications, approvals and rejections. Also provided are inventory reports and 360 degree view of production lines.
  • Mobile marketing
Sales teams are able to manage both leads and opportunities while on the go. Customer history and contacts are made available on a real time basis. The end result is more and faster deal closings. The solutions facilitate seamless access to data from any place on the manufacturing shop floor. There is improved process visibility and informed decision making effectively delivering superior employee productivity levels.
  • Gain competitive advantage
Both discrete and process manufacturers benefit from enterprise mobility. Mobility enables manufacturers to slash people cost, achieve greater asset utilization and drive down the material cost. Errors are minimized giving a competitive edge to the manufacturing organization. There is all round improvement in shipping of products, delivering high quality items and monitoring the progress of various orders.

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