Thursday, 30 October 2014

Increasing Usage of Health Apps in Our Daily Lives

Smartphones and Tablet PCs have gained an important spot in our everyday life. One can’t imagine a day without a smartphone or tablet around. These gadgets have become highly popular and in-demand amongst people of all ages around the world. Altogether, this has been possible because of the modern features, huge capabilities and brilliant applications on these devices.

Some reports claim that smartphones and tablets are a major source of adverse effects on one’s health. One the other hand, people are now utilizing these gadgets to stay fit and healthy. The market of ‘Health & Fitness Apps’ has grown a lot in the last 5 years. If you visit the Google Pay Store or Apple iTunes Store, you would find numerous ‘health and fitness’ mobile applications.

According to a survey report published few months, the average daily use of health and fitness applications grew by 62% in the time frame of December 2013 to June 2014. Where, the overall app usage grew by 33% only. The same report also contained gender distribution statistics, which claimed that the health and fitness applications are mostly used by female smartphone/tablet users. The report said that out of all, 62% females and 32% males use these applications on their devices.

These figures reveal that there has been a major growth in the total number of smartphone/tablet users, who access health and fitness mobile applications on their devices. People use such apps to track their running, count steps, monitor heart rate, learn exercises and know about diseases, their precaution and remedies. The South Korean Smartphone manufacturer, Samsung, has moved ahead in the ‘health and fitness application’ industry by introducing innovative smartphones, which comes with various exclusive pre-installed health and fitness applications.

With time and constant demand, the mobile application industry would definitely touch new high in terms of earnings. Following which the requirement of new ‘health and fitness applications’ would also spring up, bringing fresh opportunities for mobile application development companies.

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