Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Big Benefits of Mobile Marketing

With the introduction of various new technologies, the popularity and demand of smartphones have reached new heights. The latest introduction, ‘Android One’ has brought mobile platform developers and hardware component suppliers together. This has ensured the mass adoption of smartphones that too at lower price tags.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing-

  •      Mobile Market Expansion
Google’s Android Operating System is one of the most popular and successful mobile operating systems. The Android OS is being widely utilized by business enterprises and organizations for various day-to-day business works and marketing campaigns.
  • Mobile CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
It is well known that customers are the most precious gems for any business enterprise or organization. A CRM software helps business enterprises to find, build, grow and maintain profitable customer relationships. The introduction of Mobile CRM, earning satisfied customers has become easier.
  • Increase Sales
  1. Mobile Marketing helps you in growing business sales in the following ways-
  2. Responsive Design
  3. Social Media Campaign
  4. Promotional Offers (Coupons or Vouchers)
  5. Ad Campaigns
  7. Target Group (Geo, Age, Gender, Profession etc.)

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